Sales Development, Training & Coaching

As well as finding new clients & getting swift C-Suite agreement, our Street Smart Training helps learners, teams & managers perform better by blending content from Dale Carnegie Soft Skills, ‘SPIN’, Challenger (Disruptive) Selling, Partnership Selling, Train the Trainer & Managing Sales Performance, Inter Personal Skills, Communication, Dispute Resolution & Certified CRM User Skills.

Risk Management & Paralegal Competencies

We understand CAMEL(S) Bank Analysis, the Banking Supervision Accords issued by the BCBS. Bank Credit Ratings, Exposure limit checks, CVA calculations & Monte Carlo simulations. Our Para Legal Skills include Legal Compliance, Contractual Terms & Conditions, Contract Formation & Due Diligence.

Questions We Help Clients Answer

What keeps our competition up at night? What are our competitors doing that we are not? How do we outsell them? How do we stop price and RFP bidding being the only way we seem to do business these days? How will Brexit affect our business & how do we use it to our advantage?

Elavon Merchant Services (Part of US Bancorp),
Institutional Investor Inc. (Global)
Datamonitor (Pan European)
Thomson Financial (UK & USA)
Euromoney (Global)
Lombard Street Research (UK)
The Banker Middle East (EMEA)
CPI Financial (GCC)
The Islamic Globe (Global)
Eaglemont Media (Global)
Apple Inc. (Asia)
Canon Inc. (UK & Asia)
MBf Finance Berhad (Asia)

We have helped generate millions in sales revenue for many firms just like yours all over the world & trained their teams to beat competitors with our new Street Smart Sales Training. Find out how.


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